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our Services The Agency provides his services for the valorize and recognition of the company by the quality and certification. Nos services
Quality audits The Agency assess conformity with regulatory and voluntary requirements to which the company is engaged. Audits internes & externes
Testing & Analysis The Agency achieves tests and analysis, interpretations and validations, for assessment of the company's products. Essais & analyses
Quality engineering The Agency supports the company that initiates, manages and optimizes its quality management procedures and certifications. Ingénierie de certification
Agency activities The Agency commit for its services in accordance with customer's policy alongside the company. Prestations

Quality engineering

ingnierieEvery company needs to do match its resources and skills to threats and opportunities of its environment.
Whether with the marketing approach, financial, organizational, the quality management and recognition through certification contributes to the success of the company strategy.
We propose to evaluate, to develop and support the integration and/or deployment of quality management and certification in the heart of the overall strategy of the company.

Quality management consulting

  • Implement a quality management system
      We offer to accompany you throughout the process to implement your quality system and to engage a process of continuous improvement in the field of our Skills.
  • Implement a certification
      We offer to accompany you throughout the process to implement to achieve certification for which you wish to commit in the field of our Skills.

Quality tools consulting

      To accompany the launch, the management or optimization of your quality project, we offer our expertise in many methods and proven tools for each situation in the field of our Skills.
  • Methods & Tools
      There are many tools for reflection, analysis, method, ...
      • Analyze performance : Statistical processes control, control cards, ...
      • Coordinate the steering : Six Sigma method, wheel of Deming (PDCA), ...
      • Analyze operation : Flowchart, process-mapping, fonctionnal diagram, ...
      • Investigate the causes of defects : Cause-effect diagrams, Pareto diagram, 5 why, ...
      • Select a solutionDecision Tree, compatibility matrix, 8D method, ...
      • Optimize, secure a process : AMDEC-FMEA, 5S method, QFD matrix, poka-yoke, ...
      • Initiate an analysis : Brainstorming, QQOQCCP, KJ diagram, ...

Quality training

    To support the deployment of the company's quality, we propose to develop new skills, develop expertise, to mobilize resources by changing the way of training.


IN SUMMARY : We offer as part of our Skills and our Services to initiate or optimize a quality project, to initiate or obtain a certification, to use a quality tool or manage a training.

We invite you to Contact us for any further information.